How to Choose the Best Brand of Dog Food?

Snapshot: People who are dog owners often have this question in their minds about whether they should feel their dog homemade food or readymade dog food. Even if they consider feeding readymade dog food to their dogs, they are not able to choose a specific brand.

So, taking into consideration all such queries related to dog food, this post is going to take you through the best brands of dog food which you can go for. 

One of the most essential parts of having a dog is to take proper care of his eating habits and his meals. To make sure that your dog is getting the right amount of nutrients in his diet, you must take proper care of what he is given in his meals. 

Dog owners often get confused between readymade dog food and homemade dog food because of a lot of factors. The main reason behind this confusion is the fact that there are so many brands of dog food available in the market. This makes it difficult for the owner to decide. 

In this post below, we are going to mention some popular brands of dog food which are capable of satisfying the food requirements of your dog. 

Best Brands of Dog Food

As mentioned already, there is an endless number of brands of dog food nowadays which makes it a confusing task to choose the most suitable brand for your dog. Although, all of them have some of the other specifications which makes them unique from the rest. 

Here are the names of the 10 best brands of dog food that you can go for: 

  • Royal Canin

This is another dog food-producing brand which is immensely popular all across the world. The main reason why this brand has become so popular in the market of dog food is that it can produce meals that are specifically meant for a particular breed. Every dog is different from the other and that is the reason why this brand has started creating breed-specific meals. This way the pet owners are assured that their dog is getting all the necessary nutrients that are needed by its body. Hence, this is also a beta popular dog food brand that is available all over the world. 

  • Arden Grange

This famous dog food company uses the tagline of “ nutrition without compromise “ and undoubtedly proves to be the best for your dog. It is a UK-based brand and everything that is produced by this company is hypoallergenic and is manufactured with the help of high-quality meat and contains no artificial colour at all. There are no preservatives or flavours in this food which can cause any kind of harm to your dog’s health. This brand produces both wet as dry dog food which can be availed in a variety of flavours. 

  • Canagan

This is another great standard dog food brand that is developed by a group of professional nutritionists and is formulated with every minute detail. Every meal of this is hypoallergenic and is free from grains. That is what makes it suitable for dogs who have a very sensitive digestive system or are intolerant to grains. You can avail this dog food at any pet store both online as well as offline. 

  • Barking Heads

Another famous brand that is included here in this list is Barking Heads. The pride of this brand is the fact that it creates very high-quality dog food. Only organic ingredients are utilized in the making of this dog food. The food manufactured by this brand is nutritious and healthy. It doesn’t consist of any artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. It is intensely filled with Omega 3 as well as Omega 6 in the fatty acids. Hence, Barking Heads don’t fail to assure that your dog gets the best taste along with the required nutrients in his meal. 

  • Hills

Hills is one of the most known brands which manufactures dog food. It is a well-known fact that this brand takes help from the leaders of the industry and veterinary professionals in producing the top class dog food which excels in every aspect. Also, as an outcome of the amount of time and efforts that is invested by the professionals, this dog breed is immensely healthy and they are capable of producing very delicious dog food. If you are looking for the dog food from this brand, you must search a reputed pet store or pet food mart.

  • Eukanuba

This brand follows the tagline of “it all starts with premium ingredients”. This brand assures that your dog gets the best quality food. Similar to many other brands, Eukanuba also understands that the evolution of dogs is from the carnivorous family and hence they require to be fed a suitable diet. This food is very rich in animal protein and is formulated to serve the distinctive physiological requirements of dogs of different ages, breeds, and sizes. 

  • Symply

This brand entirely focuses on formulating highly nutritious food for dogs. Completely natural ingredients are used in the manufacturing of this dog food. It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals. It contains a lot of meat which provides your dog with an ample amount of protein. This dog food is not just good for the internal body of your body, but their external parts too. They are rich in Omega 6 and fatty acid. So, if you are searching for good dog food which can satisfy the nutritional requirements of your dog, you can choose Symply. 

  • Pero

Another well-known brand for dog food is Pero which is known to produce only natural dog food. It has been at the market front for more than 25 years now. There are different varieties in the overall range of Pero dog food. Be it small or large, you can find dog food for all kinds of puppies in this brand. Another notable thing about this brand is that fact offers dog food which is specifically meant for some particular breeds of having a unique nutritional requirement. Hence, Pero is going to be your ultimate option if you are looking for the best quality dog food for the pooch. 

  • James Well-beloved

A brand that has its name amongst the most well-known dog food manufacturers, this can be an excellent choice for your dog. It is the best dog food for dogs with allergies in food and intolerance so they can live a good life. It doesn’t contain artificial food flavours and colours which makes it the finest for dogs. It is organically hypoallergenic raw materials and is intensely full of all important minerals. The dog food of this brand is available at all reputed pet stores where you find good quality pet food. 

  • Pedigree

Pedigree is one such dog food brand that has a good name in the whole world. The owners of this brand have put their efforts into earning a very good reputation as one of the excellent brands of dog food. It provides both dry as well as wet dog food with a very delicious taste. The dog food of this brand is capable of covering almost all The requirements of your dog which is the reason why this dog food brand is so popular in the market. There are different varieties of pet food featured by this brand and you can avail all of them at any nearest pet store. 

Is ready-made dog food good for your dog?

There are frequent debates and arguments based on the topic of whether packaged dog food is good for your dog or not. So, the answer is definitely yes. Ready-made dog food can be a wise choice for your dog because of a variety of reasons. The foremost reason being, your dog can get all the required nutrients and minerals from the ready-made dog food and that too in a properly balanced way. Ready made dog food is undeniably a good way to ensure that your dog gets all that he requires. 

Let us check out some important reasons why ready-made dog food can be a food choice for your dog: 

  • Protection from heat stress 

Ready-made dog food is known to protect your dog against the stress caused by heat. This is mainly because of the moisture content in the food. Hence, giving your dog ready-made food will increase his immunity and boosts his energy. 

  • Balanced nutrition 

Another reason why readymade food can be beneficial to your dog is that it provides balanced nutrition. Ready-made dog food can provide your dog with all the essential nutrients which he needs in a proper amount. 

  • Wide variety 

Just like you don’t feel like eating the same kind of food every day, your dog might also get bored of eating the same food every day. He also needs changes in his meals which is perfectly done by the ready made dog foods. Ready made dog foods can suffice the food requirements of your dog in a way no other food can. And, there is a wide variety of different food that you can choose from. There is veg food, non-veg food, fruit-based food, etc. And plenty of other options. 

  •    Helps in weight control

It is certainly not okay for your dog to gain excessive weight because that can be harmful to his health, especially in the summer season. So, it becomes very important to give him the proper food which can prevent him from gaining extra weight on one hand as well as can fulfill his food requirements on the other. Ready made foods can assuredly help in managing the weight of your dog and it doesn’t let your dog become overweight.

  •    Easily chewable 

The best part about ready-made dog food is that it is easily chewable by your dog. Your dog doesn’t need to put a lot of effort into chewing the food. The dog food needs to be easily chewable by your dog because if left unchewed, it might cause digestive problems to your dog. The ready made food can be easily chewed by your dog which makes sure there is no leftover food in the mouth of your dog. 

What are the factors that consider before buying dog food?

Once you are planning to buy ready-made food for your dog, you must consider a few things. You must consider the size, breed, age of your dog before you buy the food.

You should also be very careful about the quantity of food you are giving to your dog. Overfeeding your dog can make him lazy and obese and low feeding can make him lose his energy. So, you must feed him in the proper quantity. 

If you are not able to decide the quantity of food you should give your dog, you can seek help from a pet store professional or a reputed vet. Seeking advice from them will deficiency help you in feeding your dog the exact amount of food he needs. 

You should also decide the number of meals you give to your dog. It’s not recommended to feed the entire meal to your dog only at once since that can make his stomach feel heavy and upset. To keep him active, you must divide his entire meal into 3-4 meals so that he keeps getting the right amount of nutrients at a specific period. 

Henceforth, all the above-mentioned names are the names of reputed dog food brands. You can avail of their dog food at any reputed pet store. You must assure that you buy the food only from a reputed pet store to make sure that you don’t get a duplicate product that can become harmful for your dog. So, it’s better to do proper research before you buy food for your dog. 


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