The best dog food for upset stomachs and What to avoid

Snapshot: If you are a dog owner, there must have times when you have come across your dog facing stomach issues or maybe suffering an upset stomach. There can be so many reasons for the same. This post is going to help you through. 

An upset stomach is a common problem in dogs. Sometimes it can be because of overeating as well. Other reasons behind your dog having an upset stomach are eating too much spicy food, half-boiled food, or eating no food at all. Overeating, as well as under-eating, can lead to stomach problems for your dog. 

An upset stomach is a frequently occurring condition in dogs particularly in the summer season. However, if neglected, an upset stomach can become very severe at times. So, it is very important to take your dog to the vet whenever you are seeing such symptoms. 

If your dog has an upset stomach for a prolonged period, you must take care of certain things including his food and everything else. To know more about the condition of the upset stomach in dogs and how to deal with it, read this post till the end. 

Reasons why your dog might have an upset stomach 

Upset stomach in dogs can be due to several reasons and some of them are common with human beings too. The most obvious reason can be your dog consuming something which is not good for his stomach and wasn’t supposed to be consumed.

You can find them eating at a very high speed and then going outside after which they start running around here and there. Some dogs are vulnerable to different medical conditions than the rest.

Building up of gas, parasites, constipation, bacteria can be some common reasons behind the upset stomach of your dog. Some common causes of an upset stomach in dogs can be: 

  • Obstructions and Inflammation 

You must know that the dogs like eating things that can sometimes be harmful to them. They cannot digest human food, toy pieces, spicy food, and many other things which can be bad for them. In case your dog is eating something that he shouldn’t, it can be harmful to them because it might cause the lining of their stomach to get inflamed. If there is anything that your dog isn’t supposed to eat, that thing might get stuck in his intestine and he won’t be able to digest the food. 

Some obstructions can be caused in the GI tract of the stomach of your dog. These obstructions are generally not caused by the food that they eat. In case of obstruction in their stomach, they might face difficulty in passing stool. 

  • Gas 

Another common reason why dogs can have an upset stomach is due to gas. It gets naturally built up in the stomach of a dog and then might cause the stomach of your dog to become upset. 

  • Parvovirus 

Parvovirus is a very prevailing disease amongst dogs. It can cause severe health issues for your dog. If not taken care of, it can also become fatal for your dog. This disease generally gets transmitted from one dog to the other through saliva or stool. 

  • Cancer 

Another commonly found reason behind an upset stomach in your dog can be if your dog is suffering from deadly diseases such as cancer or any other infection in the intestine or the stomach. 

The food you should give your dog if he has an upset stomach

When your dog is sick, you might find it a bit challenging to feed him. A sick dog might show you signs like Diarrhoea, low appetite, vomiting, and a lot more.

These signs can make it stressful for you to take care of your dog. In such a case, it becomes very important for you to take care of the meal of your diet.

You must know about the food that you can give your dog when he is having an upset stomach. At the same time, you must also keep in mind that the meal must be balanced and must have all the required nutrition. 

There are a lot of questions that people have about whether they should feed their dogs homemade food or packaged food.

It is largely recommended that you don’t feed dry packaged food to your dog when he is having an upset stomach because that can become too heavy for his stomach. It is better that you prepare the food from simple homemade recipes to ensure that your dog doesn’t consume very heavy and rich food. 

To know more about the kind of food you can give your dog if he has an upset stomach, continue reading this post till the end. Every bit of necessary information that you might need to know is provided in this post below: 

So, here are the foods you can give to your dog if he has an upset stomach: 

  • Pumpkin

Pumpkin is known to have a lot of health benefits. Similar to sweet potatoes, pumpkin has high fiber content which can help in the regulation of the digestive system of the canines. In its raw form, pumpkin has a high content of niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Iron, Folate, Copper, Manganese, and Riboflavin. This can boost up the nutritional requirement of your dog. 

  • Rice and Chicken 

Rice along with chicken are the main ingredients in a lot of dog foods and all these moderate foods are well suited for dogs with an upset stomach. Also, this meal can be prepared very easily. You just need boneless chicken and rice to cook the meal. In general, the nutritional content of white rice is lower than brown rice but it is highly recommended for dogs with an upset stomach. Butter, oils, and additional seasonings can be a bit irritating for the stomach of your dog. 

  • Baby Food 

Baby Food is an easily digestible food for dogs and you can give it to your dog if he has an upset stomach. It is even recommended by veterinary doctors because it doesn’t contain any spices and is free from any kind of toxins.

  • Bone Broth 

Bone Broth is a source of very high protein and is well suited for the upset stomach of your dog. It contains all the required nutrients and tastes delicious for your dog as well as adding flavour and moisture to the fried food. It also helps in increasing the appetite of dogs. 

  • Rice and curd 

It is very important to keep the stomach of your dog well hydrated, particularly in the summer season. Curd is a natural yet excellent ingredient by which you can suffice the needs of your dog. You can mix a bit of curd with plain homemade rice and feed it to your dog. 

  • Oatmeal

Oatmeal is known to be a very digestive food ingredient. Just like human beings, animals too can digest it very easily. So, you can feed Oatmeal to your dog whenever he has an upset stomach. It can help him in recovering from that condition real soon. 

  • Sweet Potatoes 

Just like pumpkin, sweet potatoes are also an excellent food ingredient for your dog. You can just boil the sweet potato, mash it and feed it to your dog. It is a very good source of carbohydrates and can soothe the upset stomach of your dog. 

  • Egg 

As you know eggs are very rich in protein. In case your dog is having an upset stomach, you can feed him an egg in different ways. You can either mash the egg or feed it to your dog or you can cut it into slices. It can help your dog in recovering from the upset stomach as well as can provide the required amount of nutrition too.

  • Wet Food 

It is generally not recommended to feed packaged food when your dog is having an upset stomach. But, you can certainly go for canned food or wet food. You can get a variety of wet food in the market for your dog. You just need to make a wise choice and buy the wet food from a reputed brand to make sure you avail the best food from your dog. 

There are so many foods that are very advantageous to dogs that have an upset stomach. Giving your dog a balanced diet can help in getting rid of all intestine-related problems. Sometimes, an upset stomach can be a symbol of a very severe problem. 

The above-mentioned recipes can be ideally used for those dogs who have an upset stomach which can include constipation, gas, Diarrhoea, and nausea. These symptoms seem rare symbols of a severe issue. You must always get it checked with the doctor before you finally start the treatment. These meals can not only avoid all other health risks from your dog but can be suitable for all dogs who need the basic nutrition for remaining healthy. 

Is homemade food safe for dogs with an upset stomach? 

There are plenty of instances where it has been found that dog owners find homemade food more beneficial to the health of the dogs than packaged food. However, both homemade foods, as well as packaged dog goods, is good for the health of your dog in their respective ways. 

If you are preparing homemade food for your dog, you must be very careful about adding all the nutrients. So that it becomes a properly balanced diet for your dog. You must add all the essential nutrients to the diet of your dog. You must add carbohydrates, proteins, and all other essential ingredients in the right amount. 

On the other hand, packaged food is also good for your dog because it is the easiest and most convenient way by which you can make sure that your dog is consuming a healthy meal. There are different kinds of packaged food available in the market and there are several brands as well. 

Foods to avoid if your dog has an upset stomach 

Another most important thing to know in this context is what foods should you avoid if your dog has an upset stomach. You must avoid the following food if your dog has an upset stomach: 

  • Spicy food 

The most important food to avoid is rich and spicy food. You must keep in mind that the digestive system of a dog is not the same as a human digestive system. Hence, it might become difficult for your dog to digest certain things that you can digest easily. Hence, you must avoid any food that contains spices from your dog and make sure that your dog doesn’t consume or nibble upon such food. 

  • Tomatoes 

Several studies and researches have proven that tomatoes are harmful to the stomach and digestive system of your dog. So, you must avoid any food which contains tomatoes from the reach of your dog because it can possess a lot of harm to the intestine and digestive system of your dog. 

  • Milk 

Many dog owners have found that Milk doesn’t suit their dog. There can be many reasons for the same. Sometimes, Milk can be too fat or thick for the stomach of your dog and if your dog consumes Milk, he might face digestion problems.

  • Chocolates 

You shouldn’t feed chocolates to your dog, specifically if he is having an upset stomach. It can become hard for your dog to digest them and ultimately your dog can have a lot of problems in passing stool as well as digesting them. 

Hence, this is all that you need about feeding your dog if he has an upset stomach. All the above-mentioned foods can be beneficial for your dog in case of any stomach-related issue. It is very important to take care of your dog if he has an upset stomach because if not taken care of, it can become a very severe condition. 


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