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Snapshot: Just like humans, dogs too need comfortable beddings. Not only does comfortable bedding enable dogs to sleep and take rest properly but also provides them with a personal space that they can consider their own. If you are a dog owner looking for some good quality dog beds within your budget, we have brought a comparative list of the best dog beds available in the market. Go through them below.

Just like a crate is an essential thing when it comes to dog training, a proper bed is also their necessity. Like crates, beds offer a place to rest, play, and sleep. A bed is a place where your dog would head towards when it feels tired after a day’s end. With time, beds often become their favourite comfort zone. With more and more homeowners bringing dogs into their houses, the demand for comfortable dog beds has increased.

Nowadays, one can find a variety of products in various designs, incorporating various features. Often homeowners feel overwhelmed and confused seeing so many choices. How would you know which one is the right bed for your pet? We have brought to you a comprehensive guide that will help you buy the right dog bed. 

Is a dog bed necessary? 

If you are wondering if your dog needs a comfortable bed, consider this: a dog stands up on his feet for about 5 hours every day. If you are a dog owner, you must be knowing what they do for the rest of the day. On average, dogs sleep for about 12 to 14 hours every day, enough to make a human jealous. To add, they spend about 7 hours laying down, awake but resting lazily. So, the answer is quite clear. Your pet would spend the maximum part of the day either sleeping or laying down.

Hence, for a night of proper sleep or rest, your dog needs a comfortable, supportive, soft bed. From offering firm support to providing his personal space, bedding is necessary for a variety of reasons. Some of them have been mentioned below: 

  • A Good Dog Bed Supports Joints

Older dogs suffer from problems like hip dysplasia, arthritis, or other joint issues. To help them get rid of pains, a support, firm dog bed is imperative to cushion their body. Comfortable bedding would provide great relief to their pains, helping them deal with age-related problems. Proper support would also enable them to enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

  • Good Beds Ensure Better Sleep

Just like humans, even dogs need sound sleep at night. It’s essential for their good health. Not just for their health, a good night, undisturbed sleep also improves their memory and can make their pooch smarter. This is because, when they learn new things, they tend to remember them and their newly learned activities when they sleep properly. After all, a night of proper sleep is the source of their energy. 

Better sleep provides dogs with better health. Especially if your pet is old, it needs sufficient rest and sleep. A cozy, supportive bed encourages your pet to go to sleep on time and spend most of their time taking rest. 

  • Your pet gets a spot to relax 

Cosy bedding is like an oasis for your pet. It provides peace and comfort to it away from the disturbances and commotions of your home. Dogs are by nature den animals. They love to have a place of their own where they can rest alone. 

While looking for dog beds, make sure it’s of appropriate size. Older dogs need larger-sized beds than smaller counterparts. Make sure your pet has enough space to stretch out and relax. It’s better if you place the bed inside your pet’s crate. 

  • Good Dog Beds Are Easy to Clean

Dog beds have to be cleaned regularly because they get filled with fur, dirt, pests like fleas, etc. The best part is there’s no hassle involved in cleaning dog beds. There are dog beds available that come with a removable cover which you can easily clean weekly. This way you can keep germs, dander, and hair to the minimum. Even some beds are machine washable or dryable. These dog beds are especially convenient for older dogs and young ones who are still learning potty training. Having a clean, fresh bed for sleeping is important. 

  • Prompt dogs to sleep in their bed 

Often homeowners like to have their pets sleeping with them. But it can be disturbing for you, especially if your pet keeps tossing and turning all night. It’s even worse if your dog takes up most of your bed’s space. Although it might sound great to share your bed with your pet dog, it’s better if your pup has a separate cosy bed to sleep in. If your dog’s bed is comfortable and soft, it would easily get accustomed to sleeping in its space every day. 

  • Dog Beds Keep Fur Contained

Dog beds will keep furs from spreading throughout your house. As your dog would spend maximum time of the day in this bed, it would keep fur and other dander contained within that area. Additionally, dog beds are now sold with additional bed covers that are washable. All you have to do is take the outer cover and wash it. You can even buy a few extra dog bed covers for backup. 

You can consider placing multiple beds all around the house for your pup. This will prompt them to roam avoid and take rest in their beds instead of resting their back on the furniture. 

Best dog beds and their prices 

By now you know just like us, even dogs need a comfortable, clean, fresh, soft bedding surface for a good night’s sleep. They spend most of the day sleeping or resting. That’s why buying the best quality bed for your dog is of utmost importance. 

Online and offline, one can get a wide variety of dog beds. Some high-end brands selling the best designs can cost over a hundred dollars whereas some brands that meet the basic features sell affordable dog beds in the market. We have provided you with a list of the best price for dog beds- comparison below. We hope that the guide would help you make the best choice for your pet. 

  • Tuft and needle dog bed (153 dollars)

This dog bed has earned the top place in the list of the best dog beds because of its thoughtful design, modern features, durable materials, and high quality. The bed is available in three different sizes and can accommodate dogs weighing up to 95 pounds. The cushion wouldn’t detach from the floor anytime because the upper cushion attaches the bed to the base with parachute cord toggles. It’s easily portable and is lightweight. If you are taking your pet on a vacation, carrying this bed wouldn’t be much of a hassle! 

  • Purple pet bed (149 dollars)

If you are looking for the easiest to clean bed, look no further than the purple pet bed. It comes with a purple mattress, with the smart grid layer of buckling column gel spread throughout. This purple pet bed provides ultimate support to your pet. It also comes with the temperature regulation feature, making sure the bed never gets overheated during summers. Thus, this modern bed design is ideal to allow your pets to have a comfortable sleep, especially during summers. 

  • Furhaven pet dog bed (69.8 dollars)

For dog owners looking for a high-quality pet bed within an affordable range, Furhaven has designed the best pet bed catering to your choice. Keeping in mind the demands of dog masters, this bedding is supportive, especially suitable for older dogs. It’s an orthopedic bed design that is available in five different sizes. Additionally, it’s available in four different colour variations, namely espresso, grey, clay, and blue. The orthopedic design helps to distribute the body’s weight evenly. This design also protects the pressure points of your pet. This bed is large and allows your dog to sleep in various positions.

  • Petitude Ultra Soft Ethenic Velvet Bed (34.99 dollars)

This bed has especially been designed for dogs to have a sound sleep. The material has a velvet touch and consists of ultra-soft fabric. The bed also has a soft cushion, keeping in mind the relief and comfort your dog needs. It’s durable and extremely suitable for daily use. Like other major brands, Petitude is also offering this bed in various sizes. Dog owners can buy a suitable size based on their preferences and requirements. The best part about this product is that it’s easy to maintain and cleaned and comes at affordable prices. Also note that it’s made up of modern technology, hand-sewn, and incorporates modern features. 

  • Griffith pet bed ( 21.38 dollars) 

This pet bed stands out from the rest because of its unique construction. Its gel memory foam and high-density polyfoam strata provide maximum support for older dogs. At the same time, its durable furniture quality fabric cover is odour and stain-resistant. You would be amazed to find an internal waterproof liner that doesn’t allow fluids to seep into the foam, thus ensuring the bed’s longevity. The covers are replaceable. The bed comes in four size variations – small, medium, large and extra-large. Customers get 30 days trial and a one-year warranty with this product. 

  • Gorgeous soft reversible bed (13.66 dollars) 

This dog bed from gorgeous is especially meant to provide comfort, softness, and relief to your pet. Its material has a leather touch and is durable. Available in small sizes, this pet bed is ideal if you have a puppy at your place. Smaller breeds like French Bulldogs, Pugs, etc. Would love to have this resting place. 

Your puppy would surely love sleeping in this comfy little bed. It’s sure to become its favourite spot in no time! This bed is reversible, allowing you to use it on both sides. If you are looking for a bed meant for daily use, here you go. The best part is all these amazing features can be availed at extremely low rates.  

  • Petslover warm fleece winter bed (11.03dollars) 

This newly designed pet bed is designed with foam-filled fleece fabric. The soft material is ideal for providing relief to all kinds of dog breeds. The bed comes with a cushion pillow for extra support and comfort. On the inside of this bed, one can find two layers of cushion. These inner cushions are removable and easily washable. The side walls are also cushioned to protect small puppies. Additionally, this bed is also durable and sturdy. Despite having such a detailed structure, it’s lightweight and can be carried around. Customers can get to choose from a variety of colours. 

  • The Casper dog bed (20.37 dollars )

This is another top favourite of dog owners when it comes to choosing the best pet bed. Engineers who design this brand’s products are well aware of the needs of dogs and the demands of dog owners. For several years, Casper has been delivering too quality durable, and comfortable bedding to people. This particular design is a double-layered foam bed with an upper layer of viscoelastic memory foam. The well-designed upper layer helps to distribute your dog’s weight evenly throughout the bed, giving it relief and allowing it to sleep. 

  • Fluffy’s luxurious dog bed (13.49 dollars) 

Fluffy’s luxurious dog bed is specially designed to provide high-quality comfort and relief to your pet at affordable rates. It is available as a 22 inches bed that’s enough to allow an average-sized dog to stretch and relax. The material consists of synthetic fur and is ultra-soft and cosy. It comes with bolster padding around its diameter to ensure your pet’s safety. The bed is a multi-purpose one, allowing people to use it inside and outside the crate. Also, it’s lightweight, making it convenient for homeowners to be carried. In short, this works as a great standalone dog bed in any kind of space. 

  • Jerry’s dual round dig bed (37. 68 dollars) 

The material of this bed is poly-filled. It comes with a soft cushion that enables your dog to rest in comfort. The bed is extremely durable. Thus, it’s ideal to be used in the long run. Though durable and sturdy, it’s lightweight. Another thing is that it comes with easily replaceable covers, allowing homeowners to wash the cover anytime. It has raised edges that provide security and enable your canine companion to enjoy its personal space. The bed comes in a variety of colour combinations like black red, brown-white, blue-red, etc.

How to choose the right bed for your dog?

While selecting the right dog bed for your pet, you need to consider some important factors and features. We have mentioned some of the important ones below. 

  • Consider your dog’s sleeping style 

Watch while your dog is asleep. If your dog sleeps stretched out, you surely need a big-sized bed. On the other hand, if your dog sleeps cuddled up, you can consider buying a small-sized one. Similarly, check whether your dog tends to be cold or hot while sleeping. There are different brands available that sell dog beds with a temperature regulation feature. You can check out those varieties if needed. 

  • Consider your pet’s size 

Surely, you would want to give your dog enough space for it to sleep and relax. As per the popular rule, measure from the dog’s nose to its tail when it’s asleep. Then add 8 to 12 inches to that length to determine the appropriate diameter of the bed you should buy. While buying remember whether your dog is fully grown or still a puppy. If it’s still a puppy, consider buying a bigger-sized bed so that you don’t have to replace it any time soon. Make sure your dog’s bed is large enough for it to lie down in a natural position. 

  • Check the padding thickness 

To give your pet maximum comfort, buy a bed with the right amount of padding. A dog’s body has several bony protuberances that can cause pressure points. Excessive pressure on these points can result in several joint and skin problems. The common pressure points are hips, elbows, and shoulders. Giving them a well-cushioned, soft, comfortable bedding to sleep allows them to feel relaxed. 

  • See if the bed has a temperature regulation feature

Usually, dogs tend to curl up during winters for warmth. Hence, beds with raised edges and thick coverings are ideal winter beddings. On the other hand, during the summer months, dog beds become too warm. Hence, dogs prefer cool surfaces. So, a thin, more breathable bed cover would be appropriate for summers. 

  • Ease of maintenance

Make sure the bed you are buying is easily maintainable. You need to prepare a fresh, clean bed for your dog every night. There are innumerable machine washable beds available nowadays. Some even have a removable cover, that can easily be cleaned and dried. Note the material of the bed cover in this regard too. 

  • Check the material

The material of the bed cover is of more importance if your pet has skin or urinary problems. Also, note if your pet has itchy joints or hip dysplasia, or aching joints. Do they have lots of fur on their body? How does it sleep normally? If you have an older pet, consider buying beds with memory foam. If you have a small puppy, fluffier beds would be better. 

By now you must have understood the importance of giving your dog its separate resting spot. With good comfortable bedding, your dog is bound to feel better and energetic. To help you find out the best-selling pet beds, we have listed the top 10 most demanded ones above. Have a look and make an informed decision. 


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