Goldendoodle Puppy Coat Transition – All you need to know

What is the Goldendoodle puppy coat transition?

 The golden doodle puppy can be defined as a type of designer dog. The word designer is used intentionally to show the fact that the golden doodle puppy is a crossbreed of two different dogs. The two dogs that are crossbred in an effort of reproducing the golden doodle puppy are the Poodle and the Golden Retriever.

The coat transition process is when the golden doodle puppy has its coat change from the puppy kind of coat and adopts an adult kind of coat. This transition can last anywhere from four months and stretch to eight months. Sometimes the transition may go all the way to two years.

What to expect and how to prepare for the Goldendoodle coat change at each age?

The golden doodle puppy needs to be well taken care of as it grows. There are quite a several things that an owner may want to do and practice as often so as to be sure the coat transition phase takes place appropriately.

An owner should make sure he or she is brushing the dog’s fur. Giving the golden doodle a good brush regularly is very important because this will prevent the fur from tangling. By brushing the fur regularly will be in a position of removing debris that may be on the coat.

One will need to use a brush that is slick since it will work best for the fur of the Goldendoodle. The brushes are available at various pet supply stores. If there are knots on the Goldendoodle’s fur then one might want to use a clipper.

Choose clippers that are designed for grooming Goldendoodle puppies and not just any clippers at the store. Getting a grooming kit will as well be very helpful. One should not use scissors for grooming, because one might end up accidentally injuring the dog.

A Goldendoodle puppy needs to be bathed regularly. Washing your Goldendoodle dog in warm water is ideal.  One will need to make sure that the coat is scrubbed thoroughly with the use of a shampoo that has been designed for dogs.

During the cleaning process, one will get to know the existing coat and how well to handle the cutting of its fur. Dog shampoos are available at stores. Using shampoos that have not been made for dogs will be very detrimental to the dog’s fur. Sticking to a dog’s shampoo is what is recommended.

Drying the coat of the Goldendoodle is also essential after giving it a warm bath. One will need to completely dry the coat before starting to trim. It is true to say that a wet coat is already shrunken and this makes it difficult to determine the length of the coat to be trimmed.

Matting can be defined as knots that are seen as dense and are numerous tangles in a Goldendoodle’s underfur. Mats are quite different when compared to knots and tangles and this is because the matted fur tends to go all the way right down to a dog’s skin.

Taking the above steps and practicing them from time to time, will guarantee that the Goldendoodle is well kept and when the coat goes through a transition, the process will be okay.

There are three types of coats that are common amongst the Goldendoodles. This is contributed by the fact that the dog in itself is a mixed breed.  One might find that one-half of the dogs have a dense, water-resistant kind of coat, whereas the other half may have a coat that is curly and low shedding.

The coats will entirely depend on the parents of the dog. One common coat type is the wavy kind of coat. This coat is found to be the most desirable kind of coat for the Goldendoodle dog. The wavy coat is also referred to by some people as the fleece coat.

The wavy coat is found to be very low shedding. For this type of coat, a lot of grooming will need to take place to generally prevent knots and clumps on the hair. For the wavy coat, the chances of allergies are a bit low as compared with any other coat.

The other coat is the curly coat. This coat tends to look like a poodle coat. The curly coat is way denser than any other type of coat. The curly coat has a low odor and is hypoallergenic. The curly coat will seize from growing when left alone. The curly coat does not have a lot of shedding taking place.

The straight coat is also another type of coat that the Goldendoodle dog can have. With this coat, there are some things to expect. One of the expectations is there will be trouble when it comes to shedding. The straight coat is also very low maintenance which is a plus.

As the Goldendoodle puppy grows there are lots of things one will need to know about. When a Goldendoodle puppy is born to when it gets to around four months, its coat is usually very soft, and managing it will be very easy.

A Goldendoodle puppy owner can prepare himself or herself for this stage by taking the time to play with his paws. An owner can prepare him or herself by purchasing different grooming supplies. One might want to visit a groomer and get the necessary information that will be helpful at the given stage.

During this early stage, a Goldendoodle owner may as well want to introduce at-home grooming activities. Making sure the sessions are delicate, positive, and short will be very helpful. The first months are very delicate and one should be very careful with the Goldendoodle’s coat.

The other stage that a Goldendoodle dog owner will experience is when the dog is between four months through the two-year mark. In this phase, one will expect that the puppy coat will generally begin to change and the adult coat will start coming through.

This stage will require that the owner takes the initiative of brushing or combing the Goldendoodle daily. One will need to focus entirely on a particular section at a time. Giving close watch to see if the coat does show signs of matting is crucial.

A Goldendoodle owner will need to readjust his or her grooming techniques as the dog transitions to the adult phase. Changing grooming tools will be inevitable. In this phase, one will need to note that the face, as well as the muzzle of the dog, might as well change to a lighter color.

An owner of the Goldendoodle dog will need to make some modifications to the grooming routine as the dog grows. Some of the changes can be using a simple comfort cut and using a softer kind of touch when it comes down to handling the arthritic paws. Incorporating grooming tables or a hydraulic lift grooming table can be very beneficial.

When do Goldendoodle puppies shed their puppy fur?

The Goldendoodle dogs in general are seen as low-shedding as compared to other dogs. There are no dogs that do not tend to shed their fur as they grow, so this is very common for any dog owner to experience.

The Goldendoodle puppy owner would expect that shedding of the puppy fur will take place when the puppies get to around six months and it can go until the ten-month mark.

A Goldendoodle owner might want to note that the fur coat on the puppy is a uniform kind of soft fur but as the puppy grows and sheds its coat, one will see that the coat becomes much thicker and stiffer.

After the puppy coat of the Goldendoodle sheds one might as well experience a change in the color patterns. The adult coat on a Goldendoodle is found to be lighter as compared to the puppy fur.

It is necessary for the Goldendoodle owner to note that not all puppies will shed during the six to ten-month mark. Some of the Goldendoodle dogs may tend to shed their coats a bit late and one should not worry. Some may shed their coats at twelve months.

An owner of the Goldendoodle puppy might want to start cleaning its fur as early as five months in preparation for the shedding of its fur. At this point, the owner is encouraged to bathe the puppy with dog shampoo and pay keen attention to its grooming.

What adult coat type will my Goldendoodle puppy have?

Knowing the exact adult coat your Goldendoodle puppy will have can be extremely difficult to tell but there could be some signs and characteristics that one may see and hope the coat turns out as desired.

As the Goldendoodle puppies grow one may notice that the more they grow the more similar they tend to become. Goldendoodle puppies more often than not do change their colors as they go through the process of maturing.

The genetics of one’s Goldendoodle puppy is what will majorly determine the type of coat that the puppy will have once they are grown. Crossbreeding dogs will in one way or the other bring unpredictable results.

It is common to find that a puppy may take more after a given parent as compared to the other parent. In this present day, one will find that DNA testing has been embraced by dog breeders in an effort to know which coat a particular puppy will have.

A Goldendoodle dog owner may want to check the fur that is found around the puppy’s snot. This can be a good tell sign of which coat type the puppy will have as it becomes an adult.

As a general rule, if the puppy has a mustache that is prominent then one will expect the puppy will be having a curly type of coat as they grow and get into adulthood.

If the Goldendoodle puppy tends to have a shaggy beard when one takes a look at the muzzle then chances are high that it will develop a wavy type of coat.

If one’s Goldendoodle puppy has neat and short hair when one looks at the snout then one will be inclined to expect that the puppy will have a straight coat when it becomes an adult.

What is it like Doodle hood? Do Goldendoodle’s coats get curlier with age?

It is quite true to say that Goldendoodles make the best dog for any person who is a first-time owner of a dog. This is generally due to the fact that the Goldendoodle is friendly, easy to train, and temperamental.

There are quite a number of things that every owner of a Goldendoodle should have in mind about the dog. The Goldendoodle tends to form bonds very fast with human beings. This can be very good for the owner since it will not take long before one feels loved around a Goldendoodle.

The fact that the Goldendoodle is very quick at forming binds means that they do have separation anxiety when one leaves them. This means one will need to be very cautious when forming functional bonds with them.

A Goldendoodle does love to play every now and then. The Goldendoodle has been created in a way that it loves maintaining an active lifestyle. For the owner, this will mean one will need to be willing to be active to meet the expectations of the dog.

The Goldendoodle is extremely social and this is something that the owner will need to consider. The Goldendoodle loves greeting new people as well as meeting other animals. An owner of this dog will need to take the dog for outdoor activities from time to time.

The coats of the Goldendoodle may get curlier as they age. The coat is expected to shed as they grow. The coat a dog will have as they get into adulthood is entirely dependent on the genetics of the dog. There is nothing much that an individual can do.

What is an improper coat on a Goldendoodle?

An improper coat is characterized as the hair of a Goldendoodle that is short. This short hair is found on the head, leg region as well as head since they tend to lack the dominant gene. Technically speaking, your Goldendoodle will tend to have flat or rather straight hair all through the body. One can confuse them with the Golden retriever.

The term furnishing is used to describe the long hair, eyebrows as well as mustache that tends to give the Goldendoodle the scruffy type of dog look. The furnishings are a dominant trait.

An improper coat on a Goldendoodle means that the dog will lack long mustaches as well as eyebrows. The longer eyebrows, as well as the long mustache, are seen as the furnishing gene which gives rise to that specific growth pattern.

The improper coated type of Goldendoodle dog is the one that is rarely sought after. Nevertheless, the improper coat is quite easy to maintain and it requires lesser brushing as compared to other coats. The improper coat technically does not give the desired teddy bear texture and look that most people look for.

The Goldendoodle’s improper coat tends to produce a moderately high shedding interval. This can be a limitation for families or owners who have allergies.


In conclusion, the Goldendoodle dog breed is a very nice dog. For an owner to enjoy the full benefits of owning the dog, he or she will need to pay close attention to how the dog is growing and how well to handle the growth at every stage.

Owning a Goldendoodle dog can be very therapeutic and engaging. An owner needs to be very intentional with the dog. An owner will need to be involved both emotionally as well as physically so as to make sure the Goldendoodle dog functions optimally.

There is also the financial aspect of owning the Goldendoodle dog and an owner needs to be willing to spend on nutrition, grooming, and the overall health of the dog.


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