Use the best dog shampoo for hair loss at home

Snapshot: It is a great feeling to run through the soft and smooth fur of your dog. But it is equally saddening to see the same hair getting shed every day. Want to help your dog combat hair loss? Then read on!

Shedding of fur is a natural process for dogs. By the process of shedding, your dog gets rid of all of its damaged or old hair. This shedding sometimes becomes too annoying for the owners (but then again, who could be angry at those puppy eyes for long?).

Depending on the breed of your dog, and according to the season, this shedding of its hair could increase or decrease slightly. This however should not be confused with hair loss. The hair that your dog sheds regularly, and naturally, is compensated with the growth of newer hair. But hair loss, on the other hand, is symptomatic of some much deep-rooted disease, or disorder in your dog’s body. Want to see how you could help your dog deal with and combat hair loss issues? We have some of the most basic questions answered here that could help you do the same!

What could be the reason behind the loss of hair of your dog?

When something does not go right, our first reaction is usually to start panicking about the same. In such moments of anxiety, we often forget to do the first thing that we must do in such cases- that is to find out and understand the reason as to why such a disorderly scenario arose in the first place. 

We understand that it is of course only natural to panic and get anxious when one of those cute babies of yours suddenly starts to lose a lot of hair. Still, you must first understand what could be the reason behind it.

To make things easier for you, we have listed some of the reasons why your dog could suddenly start to lose a lot of hair. These, however, are just general assumptions, and it is always advised to consult the vet for a more specific diagnosis of the symptoms.

  1. One of the most common reasons behind the sudden start of hair loss in your dog could be a lack of nutrition. Constituents such as keratin, sulphur are amino acids that are important either for the entire growth and development of the body or especially the growth and development of body hair, which could be missing from the diet of your dog. In this case, looking into the diet of your dog could prove to be quite helpful.
  1. Another reason could also be associated with the factor of cleanliness. The presence of parasites such as lice, or fleas could make your dog’s skin unhealthy, which would thereafter lead to loss of her. 
  1. The parasites that could be living in the skin of your dog, would also irritate its skin. That would lead the dog to scratch and itch its skin a lot, which would again, in turn, result in a lot of loss of hair off your dog, we more than the usual or natural amount.
  1. Dandruff or dry skin could also be another reason behind frequent and consistent hair loss in your dog. You could either consult a vet right away or try out some shampoo that pledges to help your dog get rid of dandruff. 
  1. Her loss of your dog could also be symptomatic of some much deeper-rooted problem. Especially in older dogs, hair loss is seen as a symptom of testicular or ovarian tumour. The tumour secretes kinds of hormones that could disrupt the growth of new and healthy hair, as well as the sexual cycle of a dog. The symptoms, in this case, include localised loss of hair or bald spots across the body of the dog.
  1. Hair loss on fewer occasions could also be a result of the signal of underactive hormone production, which could result in a decreased rate of formation of hair and increased hair loss in your dog.

How to prevent hair loss in dogs?

As it is rightly believed, prevention is indeed better than cure. Even though there could be many ways via which you could undo a particular situation, it is always better if you did not find yourself in the situation in the first place.

Even though there are various ways, including the prescriptions that the vet good provides you, to treat the problem of excessive hair loss in your dog, you could take some precautionary measures so as do not to end up in such a situation.

Here we have listed some of the precautionary measures that you could undertake, or look after while taking care of your dog that could ensure and guarantee no more frequent and excessive hair loss in your dog.

  1. Keeping your dog clean would be the best way to start. This would keep its skin clean and tidy. This whole practice would ensure that no more parasites are left on your dog’s body.
  1. Another preliminary step that could go a long way in improving the health of the hair of your dog would be to give him a proper and balanced diet. You need to make sure that the diet is rich in nutrients and constituents such as keratin which would facilitate the growth of the hair.
  1. Another and the best way to deal with sudden and frequent hair loss of your dog in excessive amounts would be to visit the vet. As your vet guides you, you need to follow the guidelines consistently to get results. Visiting the vet is also something that is recommended as there you would get solid and sure-shot remedies for the problems that you could be facing.

What are some of the dog shampoos for hair loss?

As we have stated above, there are a variety of reasons for sudden excessive hair loss in dogs. The reasons on more occasions are superficial ones which can be treated by paying a little bit of attention to the diet and the overall care of your dog. But of course, there are deep-rooted problems as well, which could find projection via the act of excessive shedding off her by your dog.

The problems mostly deal with dandruff, mites, and so on. You could get rid of most of these problems by using some shampoos that are well known for this purpose and the dog community. Below we have listed some of such shampoos for your convenience.

  • TropiClean Hypo-Allergenic Gentle Coconut Puppy Shampoo

The main reason behind the loss of excessive hair suddenly in your dog is on more occasions traced to be excessive itching by the dog. The dog feels the need to each or scratch a certain part of its skin due to the presence of various kinds of parasites in it.

This particular shampoo ceases the itching altogether. It catches the problem in its preliminary stage and therefore does not let it culminate into an even greater problem.

The shampoo also contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is quite good for the skin of your dog, as well as the quality of its hair. It also smells nice, therefore improving the overall development of the head of your dog come on both physically and aesthetically.

  • Himalaya Erina Antibacterial Antidandruff Deodorant Dog

One of the most economical dog shampoos out there, Himalaya Erina Antibacterial Antidandruff Deodorant for dogs, improves the quality of your dog’s hair to great extents. The reason behind the unhealthy growth of hair or unhealthy skin of your dog could be the presence of bacteria on the skin of your dog. This shampoo gets rid of those bacteria thus aiming towards improved hair quality in your dogs.

This shampoo also helps you to get rid of dandruff from your dog’s skin. Dandruff is also a predominant reason behind loss of hair or worse and quality of hair of your dog.

  • Paws and Pals Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

One of the most popular choices in the dog world, Paws and Pals Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo helps the dog get rid of the different parasites living in its skin such as lice, mites, and other similar organisms.

These parasites living in the skin of your dog are heavily responsible for itching and scratching, which would, in turn, result in the balding of certain spots of the skin of your dog. 

The shampoo consists and makes use of clinical formulas to make its solution. There is also a corresponding conditioner available and the market. It would help you better the quality of the hair of your dog and also make it feel fresh and smell nice. 

  • Furminator Ultra Premium Deodorizing Dog Shampoo

This is a very economical as well working option to go for. This shampoo is especially a good option for owners who cannot afford to bathe their pets regularly. Such pets take to stinking very fast. The concentrated formula of Furminator Ultra Premium Deodorizing Dog Shampoo helps the dogs to get rid of the stink easily.

The stink is symptomatic of the sweat of the animal. While sweating is natural and important, excessive and accumulated sweat is not good for the health of the skin of the animal. This particular shampoo helps you get rid of all of that dirt and germs quite easily, while at the same time adding more to the health of the skin.

The shampoo does not trigger any kind of allergies and works for most dogs irrespective of their breeds. What’s more, it has a great smell as well and would make the coat of your dog shine better than ever before!

  • Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Dog Shampoo

The shampoo has old are, salicylic acid, and micronized sulphur in it. This combination and mixture of constituents help to treat various infections, including parasitic and bacterial ones. They eliminate scaling and reduces inflammation of the skin and rushes in various spots of the skin of your dog.

This shampoo treats a variety of skin conditions and keeps the skin of your dog hydrated. It has a great scent, and of course, is great for the health of the hair of your dog.

However, rather than shampoo, this is more like a treatment. So make sure that while you are using this shampoo, your dog is not undergoing any other treatment. It could and might otherwise lead to a variety of undesirable outcomes.

How to choose shampoos for your dog?

You would always of course want only the best for your little furry friend. You would not ever want something bad to happen to them, let alone yourself be the source of it.

We understand that buying shampoo for your dog might not be such an easy piece of job for you. In the anxiety to make the right choice, you might end up thinking too much, and for getting the most trivial and basic of the things.

To help you out In the matter, we have listed down some of the basic things that you should keep in mind while buying a shampoo for your dog.

  1. The first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind is the breed of your dog. While some shampoos work perfectly well for certain breeds of dogs, those particular ones might not work so well for the breed of the dog that you have. Before you settle on buying a particular shampoo make sure to check if it would be well suited for your dog’s breed. 
  1. Before buying a shampoo, consult the vet of your dog. By this, you will be able to understand what exactly is the reason behind the sudden loss of hair of your dog. This in turn would help you choose the right kind of shampoo for the purpose. The vet could also give you some prescribed options in this regard.
  1. Before you go on to buy the shampoo, make sure that your dog is not undergoing any other treatments. If your dog is indeed undergoing some other kind of treatment you must contact the vet before you start using a particular product on your dog.
  1. You also need to make sure that the constituents of the shampoo do not consist of anything that your dog is allergic to. Before you settle on a choice, research it properly to know every detail about it.

We understand that your dog is like one of those inseparable pieces of your life. Keeping the same in mind, we have tried to answer some of the basic questions that you could find yourself facing while trying to buy the most appropriate shampoo for your dog. Hope it helps!


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