Best Dog Chewing Toys – Overview

Snapshot: With so many chewing toys available in the market- the question is- what kind of toy is right for your dog? After all, there are a lot of considerations like age, size, and more that you need to consider.

It should be kept in mind that different dogs need different kinds of chew toys. Like small puppies need a softer toy whereas aggressive biters need a stronger one. Now, when you are dealing with old dogs then you need to invest in chew toys that will challenge them physically as well as mentally. So these are the things which you do need to keep in mind. 

Dogs and chew toys are two things that go hand in hand. But the question is- which kind of chew toy is best for your dog? After all, there are different kinds and varieties of chew toys available in the market. 

So with so much variety available, we must keep our dogs and their health into consideration before buying the best dog chewing toys for them. So before we move on to discussing the best chew toys, let us get to know a little about why dogs even need to chew toys: 

Why do dogs need to chew toys? 

You might have wondered- why do dogs need to chew toys? After all, cats don’t seem to need them and are living their life perfectly without them. However, cats and dogs are different and so they have different needs. 

The main difference is in their growth. When dogs are about 4 months of age, they begin to shed their milk teeth and start developing adult teeth. The entire process is painful and pretty uncomfortable to them. 

So their jaws and gums tingle and this makes them want to have something to chew on. Also chewing helps them soothe the uncomfortable pain. Of course, it is also endlessly entertaining for them. 

So by the time, a dog is about 6 months old, they will have a brand new adult 42 teeth set that’s ready to see action. But as we all know, that dogs don’t stop chewing just because they have adult teeth set. This chewing tends to continue when they are well into their adolescent years (7 months to 2 years). 

This is mainly because during this time they are full of energy and they need something to channel and focus their energy on. Now, it’s important to channel this energy since it can lead to destructive chewing. Otherwise, know that this kind of chewing can lead to physical mauling and destruction of household objects. 

So if you have a puppy that has just started teething then give your pet a dental chew. Dental chews can be found in both edible as well as non-edible varieties so choose the one that you think is right for your pup. 

However, the question now is- how are you going to choose a new chew toy for your dog once it begins growing? After all, only dental chews are most probably not going to keep it satisfied for long. So if you are asking such questions as well, then know that there is no need to worry, we have the answers for you. 

How to choose a chew toy for your pup? 

Know that you need to provide your dog with a chew toy. After all, if you don’t, then they will find something on their own to use as a chew toy. Some common examples of dogs selected chew toys are expensive shows, blankets, pillows, and more. 

So to prevent such issues you will need to give your dog a chew toy. But which chew toy is right for your pup? To determine that you need to follow these three points:

  • Find out what kind of a chewer your dog is

Dogs generally tend to be three kinds of chewers. The first one is an inhaler. Now, inhalers tend to bite off edible chews and then swallow them. 

Another one is called a Destroyer and this kind of dog destroys whatever toy they get their teeth mouths on. Now, along with destroying their toys, these dogs do tend to swallow them as well. But not every destroyer dog does that. 

The last kind of dog is called a nibbler and they are the easiest to shop for. This is because they do just as the name says- they nibble and savor their toys. These kinds of dogs are generally really gentle and know how to show appreciation for the toy they have. 

  • Which chewer-kind needs which kind of chew toy? 

So now that you know which kind of dog your pet is, it’s time to figure out the chew toys that will suit his or her personality. So if you have inhalers then opt for rubber toys. 

But for destroyers and nibblers, you need to opt for rope and stuffed toys. However, you should keep in mind that your dog won’t always like what you have picked. They have their preferences of course. 

  • Buy a good quality chew toy

Keep in mind that no matter the kind of dog you have, you should buy them a chew toy by keeping in mind its hardness, softness, coating, durability, and washability. Always remember that the toy you are buying should be non-toxic. 

Is a tennis ball enough as a chew toy?

Reading the above details might have made you feel like it’s too much of a hassle to buy a chew toy for your dog. As such you might think that it’s better to just give a tennis ball to your dog for chewing. However, a tennis ball or any such toys won’t be enough for your dog. 

The biggest reason here is the fact that your dog will get bored of it fast. Balls, and especially those which don’t make a squeaky sound are not interesting enough to hold the attention of dogs. Another reason is the size. 

For small to medium-sized dogs, a tennis ball is fine, but until and unless you are actively playing with them, giving a tennis ball to a large dog is a big no-no. After all, the ball can get stuck in the dog’s throat. 

So until and unless you are actively playing with your pet, it’s advised that you don’t give your dogs only tennis balls to play with. 

What kind of chew toys to get for aggressive biters? 

If you have an aggressive biter dog that bites and chews off any kind of toy you give, then the solution for such dogs is the goughnut toy. This toy is so strong and long-lasting that many owners swear by it as the only chew toy for their little monsters. 

Made out of rubber, these thick rubber rings tend to move around with your dog’s chews and gnaws. As a result, this prevents your pet from chewing on the very same place again and again. So it makes the toy last way longer. 

Know that this toy isn’t made of hollow rubber. There’s a red-rubber thick core in it that reinforces the toy and gives it the thickness you need. However, if you find that your pet has chewed his or her way through to this red core, then it’s time to fully replace the ring. 

But what if you got a bad goughnut toy? No need to worry. Just mail it back to Goughnuts and they will give you back a new goughnut toy. Now that we have got the bases covered, it’s time to talk about the fact that these rubber chew toys come in two kinds of shapes. 

One of them is the standard one which floats on water and is available in different colors. The other one is a black rubber chew ring-toy. It’s the toughest kind of chew toy available and can be identified by the fact that they are only available in black. 

Also do keep in mind that these don’t float at all in water. Now, if you have an aggressive biter then you will want to go straight for the black rubber toy. But we would advise you to start with a standard one and see how your dog works through it. 

This is because there are a lot of aggressive biters that don’t need the extra carbon. Also, just because these are standard, doesn’t mean that they aren’t tough. You should know that these rubber rings are still some of the toughest toys available in the market. 

What are the chew toys you need for puppies?

Puppies are energetic and need something which can hold their attention for a long. Not to mention that the toys also need to be lightweight enough for them to carry around. So if you are thinking of giving your puppy a goughnut then you might want to think again. 

This is because the biggest goughnuts weigh 2 pounds so that’s out of the question for puppies. Also, even standard ones will be difficult for your puppy to manage. Not to mention the fact that those toys will be too hard for your puppies to chew through as well. 

So if your little dogs don’t find purchase or see that their chewing isn’t working, then they will simply look for other entertainment. This is why you need to use these toys: 

  • The West Paw Hurley

This chew toy is bone-shaped and floats in water. Of course, it is durable as well, so you can give it to your puppy. But the toy is made up of enough hard rubber that it keeps pups interested while still having enough given. 

Another reason why we recommend it is because of its shape. Since the toy has a rounded design so when puppies bite on it, then it makes sure that they are not working on or chewing the same spot over and over. 

So even after a long time of chewing, you will find that there are no puncture holes or signs of tears and chews. Now, as for the size, you should get, try the 4.5 inches ones. 

  • Kong Extreme

What do puppies love the most? It’s eating and playing. So you need a toy that combines both and thankfully the Kong Extreme is just the toy you need in this case. 

This chew toy is shaped like a rounded tree without its roots and can be stuffed with different kinds of dog treats. The best part about this toy is that it can last longer and provide your puppies with the challenge of trying to get those treats. As such it’s great for those puppies who tend to eat fast. 

What are the best chew toys for old dogs? 

Senior dogs don’t play around that much but they still do need exercise to stay active. Also, it’s important to have these exercise sessions so that their blow flow to their bone joints remains good. Along with this, having exercise sessions helps senior dogs slow down the onset of arthritis. 

Keep in mind that playing sessions can also prevent morbid weight gain due to old age and the slow metabolism that comes with it. Of course, playing prevents the early onset of dementia as well. So there is a tonne of reasons why you should give a chew toy to your old dog. 

But you must be asking- which toy will be good for your senior puppy? Then know that we have the answer to that: 

  • The BetterBall

This toy is made from EVA non-toxic foam and is durable while being pet safe as well. A butterball is truly a treatment option for dogs who are suffering from dental issues, weakened jaws, as well as reduced vision. After all, the ball is pliable and won’t hurt the weak teeth of your dog. 

Not to mention the fact that these balls are buoyant so they can swim and bounce around with them. This will allow them to play with it. The ball comes in bright red-orange color so it’s very easy to locate while your dog is playing. 

But that’s not all. BetterBall also acts as a treat toy. So you can simply stuff it with treats that your dog likes and then watch him or her enjoy the sticks while exercising his or her mouth as well. 

  • Brain Ball

This ball toy looks like a treat dispenser, but there’s more to it! For one, on the inside, multiple tiers will block your given treats from coming out. So to get those treats out, your senior puppy will have to concentrate hard. 

So to get the toy, your pup will have to bounce, roll, bite, play, and generally romp around. So it will give them physical as well as mental exercise. As a result, it will help your dogs maintain their health. 

Also, these toys come in 4 different kinds of fun and bright colors so there’s a lot of variety for you to choose from. Of course, these bright colors ensure that your senior dog will be able to locate the ball easily. 

Should you give edible chew toys to your dog?

Edible chew toys like dental chews and more come with a lot of variety. So you will find that there are chew toys for every size, stage, and of course breed of dog. Edible chew toys are healthy as well as come with additional benefits. 

For one, they improve your gum and teeth health so your dog will have fresh breath and won’t suffer from acute plaque issues. These chews come in a flavor so your dog will love chewing on them as well. 

As such, if you are planning on using edible chews toys, then these are ones you should go for: 

  • Nylabones

These are safe and won’t crack or splinter at any cost. Also, these bones come in enticing flavors that will surely attract a puppy. Also speaking of puppies, these toys are soft enough to be good for teething puppies as well. 

  • Himalayan Dog Chew

These treats are made without grain and with yak cheese, which dogs think to be delicious. Also, there are no preservatives added to it. So you can feed this to your dog with a peaceful mindset. 

Now, these treats are perfect for small puppies and small dogs. But do keep in mind that these treats and chew toy combos might not be perfect for big dogs. This is because the big boys and girls tend to devour them way too quickly. 

Also, another issue with this chew is that it breaks off into pieces way too easily. However, there is a solution to both of these issues and that is to simply buy a bigger one. 

  • Chilly Bone

The name of this chew toy reflects its purpose- it’s a chilly and cold chew bone that’s perfect for summer days. The crunch and the cold will help your dog stay cool and beat the heat. However, as you might have guessed by now- it’s not a durable chew. 

So if you are planning on entertaining large dogs with it, then our advice would be to try something else. This is because large dogs are going to get bored soon with it. After all, it is just not up to the task that their big jaws will put it through. 

However, it’s great for teething puppies and also great for maintaining a healthy set of jaws and teeth.  Every dog, no matter the breed or stage, needs a chew toy. This is because chew toys help keep the dog active and ensures that it has healthy teeth and gums. Also, it keeps the dog distracted so that it can’t destroy your things.

However, different dogs have different needs and also preferences when it comes to chewing toys. So you do need to keep all these in mind before buying a chew toy for your pet dog. 


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