Practice Good Safety Habits When You Adopt A Big Dog

Dogs are good family companions. It is always nice to have one in your home. They are affectionate and loyal. And they love the company of kids.

The dogs are your real companions. They play with your kids and help you in many ways. They also safeguard your home and family. Usually, people like to have a big dog if they want him to guard them. Dogs are of different sizes.

A dog with an average weight below 30 pounds is categorized as a small dog. Dogs weighing 30 to 55 pounds are called medium-sized dogs, whereas any dog above 55 pounds is rated as a big dog. When it comes to height, a dog breed of more than 25 inches is considered a big dog.

Keeping a big dog is good, but at the same time, it puts some more responsibilities on your shoulders.

What Are Your Responsibilities With A Big Dog?

Dogs are prettier when you take good care of them. Think about the Goldendoodle colors and how pretty they are. But being a dog owner inflicts some responsibilities on you. Being an owner of a big dog adds some additional duties.

Dogs can help you in many ways but also need your help. Let’s see what help they need from you and your responsibilities as a dog owner, especially when you opt for a big dog.

  • First, you need to take care of their basic needs, such as a good place to live and arrange a healthy diet. Like your kids, they also need your help for their basic needs. Can you imagine how big this task is? It is not a one-time job and doesn’t have a holiday. They need water and food daily. So take care of this basic necessity of a dog.
  • You also need to take care of their health. Take them to the nearest pet clinic whenever you observe something wrong with their health. They also need daily exercise to keep them active and healthy. It is your responsibility to take them for a walk.
  • Socialization is also very important. Take them out for a walk so that they can adapt to the many people around them. They should also be familiarized with many vehicles while walking alongside a busy road.
  • The biggest responsibility of a dog owner is the ownership or guardianship. You have to treat them just like your kids. Take the responsibility of being a guardian of your dog.

What Are The Good Safety Habits Of Big Dogs?

There are some additional responsibilities when you own a big dog. They are likely to get out of control when they are excited. They can also become aggressive on some occasions. In such a situation, they can do a lot of damage.

So, you need to ensure your dog’s and your family’s safety in such an event. An aggressive big dog can create danger for other people as well. You have to learn how to handle such a situation. That’s why it is said that big dogs come with big challenges for you.

Here are some useful tips on good safety habits when you have a big dog.

Body Language Of Your Big Dog

Like every dog, the big dogs communicate with you through body language. They cannot speak like a human. So, they use their tail, ears, and eyes to convey what they want. If their message goes unattended by you, the next step is they start barking. Get yourself acquainted with their body language. Attend them before they get aggressive.


Normally the eyes of a dog are wide open. But if they squeeze their eyes and consistently stare towards a particular point, object, or a person, they are angry with something. Immediately remove that point of concern. Otherwise, your dog is going to attack it.


The upright ears of a dog indicate his alertness. But if you notice that the ears are backward, the dog is scared of something. In this case, he can get aggressive. Try to calm him down before he gets out of control.


An upright tail means your dog needs to play. The normal position of the tail means he is relaxing. The tail close to his belly indicates he is feeling scared.

Take Him Out For A Leashed Walk

You can take the small dogs out without a leash but never take risks with the big dogs. A big dog can get aggressive during an outing, creating danger for others. They need an outing daily. But never take them out without a leash.

It is better to attach a leash to the body harness. If the leash is on the neck, it may cause stress when you try to control an aggressive big dog. Additionally, the body harness also gives you more control over your dog.

A Big Dog Needs Time To Adjust

When you take home a new dog, getting familiarized with the new environment takes some time. The big dog may take extra time to adjust to your home and family. Normally it will take around three months. Be patient during this period. Give him time and help him to get adjusted in your home.

Treats And Rewards

It is always good to reward your dog when he performs decently. It is a part of training as well. Training a big dog is a difficult task. You may need to hire the services of a professional trainer for your big dog. But treats and rewards will always play a big role in his training and creating a sense of love and affection with him.

A Good Place To Live

Dedicate a reasonable and comfortable living space for your big dog. Unlike small puppies, they sometimes need isolation. This is the right time to take them to their dedicated residence. More importantly, he should be familiar with that dedicated home.

The Big Dog Needs Extra Care

A big dog needs some extra care from your side. Take care of his health. Take care of his food. Give special attention to his training. He needs extra time to adjust to your home. Please help him to socialize with his family and kids.


Dogs always love the company of a family. It is good to have a dog, but it’s even better to have a big dog. They are very helpful in your daily life. But big dogs need big care.

Moreover, big dogs can be dangerous for you and other people around you, especially when they get aggressive. They are always likely to be aggressive. So, it is important to learn how to handle the big dogs. Learn about their body language.

They need to be trained right from the age of 8 weeks. The most important phase of their training is socialization. Train them not to overreact. Otherwise, they will cause serious problems for you. Owning a big dog is a wonderful experience. Do consider taking one home.


Hi, I'm a big dog lover. Goldendoodle and other similar poodle cross breeds have become my favorite. I've had two of them in my lifetime and thought to share my experience with the rest of the world.

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