Learn how to give your dog the best diet with canned food

Snapshot: Dog owners are anxious about their well-being. Before trying any type of food item, they want to make sure that is good for them. As a concerned dog parent, if you are still confused about whether to offer canned food to your dog; you should read below. We will let you know if canned food is a feasible food item for your beloved pet.

Canned foods are generally wet items that are delicious to the dogs. It is composed of protein and fat with little content of carbohydrates. The digestibility of the canned food is often the best choice for fussy eaters or suffering from certain illness. 

Most of the dogs love the taste of wet canned food. The high moisture content of the canned food help to keep the dog hydrated and some of the pet nutritionists think that canned food is healthier than dry food. 

Canned foods are also beneficial for the urinary tract of your dog. The canned food can be expensive as they consist of meat-based protein; however, they are worth it.

The differences between dry and wet canned food

The primary difference between dry and canned food is the difference in the water content. Dry food has a water content of 3-12%, whereas there is 60-84% water in wet canned food. The shelf life of dry food is longer than wet food. 

The calorie content of the dry and canned food varies as well. Dry food is high in calories as compared to the canned food. If you are feeding wet canned food, you would have to make more servings to achieve the required calorie level. 

Dry foods are sometimes too firmly and get stuck to the teeth, which can create dental problems.

Good points about dry food

Some of the positive things about dry food are as follows:

  • They have high energy content and therefore the dog owners would need to use small quantities only. These foods meet the dog’s daily requirements and ensure that their tummies are full.
  • Dry foods are cheaper options as only a little quantity is required daily.
  • Dry foods are environmentally friendly. When lower quantities are needed, it uses less packaging and less wastage.
  • Dry foods are convenient to use and keep the space clean. It is easy to vacuum or sweep even if they are spills.
  • Good quality dry foods are odorless and can easily be carried during the holidays. The dogs need small quantities and it is easy to build the stock in advance.

Good points about canned food

Canned wet food is beneficial in various ways and some of them are as follows:

  • Canned food is a wet food that does not require any extra treatment before you serve it to your dog. You do not have to engage yourself in buying meat, adding vegetables, or cooking porridge. The manufacturer picks the right vitamins for your dog while stuffing the can with the food. All you have to do is open the can and serve.
  • Canned food is preferred by fastidious dogs. If your dog is refusing to eat their food, you can mix some of the canned food to the dry one. It will make the food appetizing for your pet. It is not always mandatory to feed your dog with exclusively canned food.
  • Canned foods are the best options for older dogs. Their digestive system is not proficient like the young ones and they even face problems with their teeth. Canned food comes to the rescue in such difficult situations.
  • The moisture content of the canned foods is not only beneficial for your dog’s hydration, but it helps to keep your pets full. It is useful for maintenance and weight loss. Canned food helps to maintain muscles and lose unnecessary fats. 
  • Wet canned food does not absorb much liquid inside the stomach and hence the dogs do not experience bloat after consuming. If your dog tends to bloat, you should incorporate canned food into its daily diet.
  • Canned foods are easy to eat. If your dog has lost teeth or is too young, it would be easier for them to consume canned food. Canned food does not require breakdown in the mouth and is easy on the stomach and mouth.

Does canned food use preservatives?

Canned food is usually preserved naturally through the canning process. Wet food is fresher because you finish the container in fewer days than dry food. This is one of the reasons why canned food does not use any preservatives. 

You should always go for good quality food, be it canned or dry. Cheaper pet food use preservatives that are not derived naturally. These preservatives are the non-food items that would never be present in your dog’s diet. 

They do not have any nutritional benefits other than increasing the shelf life of the food. The manufacturer and the pet store owner benefit from those preservations and it is of no use to you. Therefore, it is better to avoid. Some preservatives may even hurt your pet’s health. 

Always make sure you pick those foods that are preserved naturally. The best way to avoid preservatives is by using canned food. To make sure you avoid BPA food cans, choose the small cans. Small cans generally do not require any BPA lining. Choose only those food cans that are BPA-free.

Should I use canned food if my dog is suffering from any diseases?

Many dogs do not like to drink a sufficient amount of water and it is not easy to make them drink. When you feed canned foods to your dog, you are increasing the water intake of your pet conveniently. This can helps in keeping away the stress on the crucial organs like kidneys. 

Dogs often face urinary tract issues and can benefit from the diet of canned food. It even helps in eliminating diseases at a later age. Canned foods are beneficial for dogs who are dealing with cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. 

If your dog is fighting against any kind of disease that can tax the kidney or the other vital organs, you should introduce canned food in their daily diet. A moisture-rich diet would help your pet to deal with kidney stress. 

To reduce organ stress successfully, switch to canned food from the dry items. Your pet would benefit a lot from the canned food. The nutritional content of the canned food would help to improve their overall health and increase their immunity power. 

The canned food contains the essential healthy fats, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that levels up the healthy quotient. As canned food undergoes less processing, the natural ingredients stay intact in the raw form.

What should I look out for while buying top-quality canned dog food?

Here are some aspects that you consider before choosing the right canned food for your dog:

  • Consider the breed of your dog – Before you invest in top-quality canned food, consider the breed of your dog. Large breed dogs are often prone to joint problems. Hence, choosing the food that has glucosamine content would be beneficial for them.
  • Age of the dog – It is very important to consider the age of the dog before you buy food for him. If your dog is a young puppy or a senior dog, you should go for canned food as they are smooth and soft. The nutrition present in the canned food will be beneficial for dogs of all age groups.
  • Health issues – Reconfirm about any of the health issues that your dog might have, If they are suffering from inflammatory bowel disease or skin allergies, or kidney problem, they would need specific nutrition. Check with your vet and get the right kind of canned food for them.
  • Pregnant or nursing dogs – If your dog is pregnant or nursing her puppies, they would require food that has high protein content and water. Canned food has a high amount of protein and water.
  • Evaluate the name on the can – You should choose those food cans that follow the 95% rule. If the label reads “rice and salmon” or “chicken and brown rice” it means that the diet is made of those particular ingredients. 
  • Check the AAFCO statement – While buying the canned food, look for the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) statement that says that the product is “complete and balanced”. A balanced diet would contain the perfect blend of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, and fats.

Now that you have enough knowledge about the canned food, you can let go of the doubt “Is canned food bad for dogs”. Canned food can always be offered to your dog if you can afford it. The only downside is that it doesn’t allow them to crunch as the food is smooth and soft. Canned food is perishable and should be left out of the refrigerator for a short duration only. Leftover food for more than an hour should be discarded.


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