Tips on Picking the Perfect Goldendoodle for You and Your Family

Golden Retriever and VIP are very popular in our country. One is the warm man among the big dogs, and the other is the fashionable and cute small dog.

If these two dogs are combined, what will it be like? Someone thought about it in the 1960s, so a kind of dog named Goldendoodle was born. It is a hybrid among a golden retriever and a standard poodle.

It resembles a golden retriever while it is a newborn, but it seems more like a poodle when it turns up.

Origin of A Goldendoodle

There is some controversy as to where the Goldendoodle originated. Those in England claim that the Goldendoodle originated there; American breeders swear that the first Goldendoodle was bred in the United States. This mixture is a hypoallergenic and active household pet.


Goldendoodle was established by breeding golden retrievers for poodles.

This combination is called hybridization. Breeding those Goldendoodles to other hybrid Goldendoodles, the results are more even.

After seven generations of breeding, Goldendoodle will be eligible for purebred dog registration.

  • Weight: usually 20 to 45 kg
  • Height: 10-18 inches
  • Shoulder height: 33 to 66.04 cm
  • Hair: The hair of the Goldendoodle ​​mainly inherits the genes of the poodle, mainly fluffy and curly, and the coat colors are various, such as cream, red, gold, brown, etc.
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 15 years.
  • Best for: Active families, first-time dog owners, people looking for low-churn dogs
  • Temperament: smart, kind, energetic, friendly
  • Comparable Breeds: Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel

The Goldendoodle ​​was first bred in 1969. At first, people valued the ease of training of the golden retriever and the intelligence of the poodle and wanted to train this dog as a guide dog.

In the 1990s, both the United States and Australia competed to breed the Goldendoodle s, which quickly became popular in these two countries.

In the past period, people have tried various VIPs and golden retrievers, not only purebreds, VIPs and golden retrievers with 50% or 75% purebred genes have also been put into breeding and breeding.

Nowadays, Jindeli dogs have become excellent guides. Dogs, treatment dogs, search and rescue dogs, and family partners are widely welcomed by foreigners.

Basic Knowledge Of Petite Goldendoodle

The Petite Goldendoodle is a small, energetic Golden Retriever, which brings him longing for an easy-going personality, as well as the hypoallergenic characteristics of the Mini Poodle and the sweet nature of the Cocker Spaniel to produce a family-friendly, smart dog. Easy to train to get along with everyone.

Petite Goldendoodle is a lovely mix of a golden retriever, cocker spaniel, mini poodle, and toy poodle.

Male vs Female Goldendoodle

In terms of body size, male dogs are relatively large, while female dogs are relatively small.

Male dogs look pretty and cool when they grow up, while female dogs are average.

In the animal world, males are better-looking than females, like male lions. The mane is majestic, but the female is not, the male tiger is too big, the female is too small, and so on.

Goldendoodles are well trained in obedience because they are very bright and eager to please, and they are also very good at agility, both male and female Goldendoodles carry these same behavioral qualities.

Agile courses are a great place for Goldendoodle to burn energy and strengthen the relationship with the owner. They still have time to socialize with other sporting dogs.

Best Age to Choose A Puppy From A Litter

According to the different genetic ratios, the hair of a Goldendoodle ​​can be fluffy and curly like a poodle, or it can be straight and smooth like a golden retriever.

However, in most cases, the dog’s hair has two advantages, not only fluffy but also very smooth.

Goldendoodle s have inherited the advantages of VIPs and it is not easy to shed hair, but the owner can comb them more to make the hair smoother. At the same time, the hair on the eyes and toes of the Goldendoodle ​​will get longer and longer, and it may need to be trimmed every time.

The Goldendoodle ​​needs a lot of exercise like the Golden Retriever.

The owner can take it out for walks and jogging every day. You can also go swimming in the pool in summer. This kind of dog is active and naughty, but has a high IQ, is easy to train, and is happy to please its owner. If the owner often accompanies it to play, it is easy to have a deep relationship with the Goldendoodle.

Is It Easy to Raise A Goldendoodle?

Since the Goldendoodle is a hybrid, some congenital diseases will be relatively rare, unless its parents are purebred dogs.

However, golden retrievers and VIPs are prone to hip dysplasia, and the risk of this disease in the Goldendoodle ​​is also high. The owner needs to take it regularly for physical examination. At the same time, the ears of the Goldendoodle ​​are hanging down like their parents.

Regular cleaning may breed bacteria and fungi, which may cause inflammation. And after the owner bathes the dog, he must blow-dry the dog’s ears to avoid water accumulation in the ears.

If you like the fluffy and cute appearance of VIPs and the gentle and witty character of golden retrievers, then the Goldendoodle ​​will satisfy you.

How to Pick A Puppy From The Litter At 4 Weeks?

The first point is to observe how the dog gets along with other siblings. If it is more domineering when feeding and playing, and likes to bite other dogs, then this puppy has a more irritable personality and will not be easily tamed in the future.

Generally, families with children should not choose this kind of dog. If a dog with this personality is chosen, coupled with poor post-adjustment, it is easy to compete with children, fight for toys, and even hurt them.

Eight weeks is the best time to bring the dog back because at this age the puppy can be relatively mature and leave his parents without being too mature. The character has not yet fully formed, which is the best time for training.

If it is a slightly older dog, over 12 weeks, make sure that the puppy has received a lot of new things from the breeder and often moves with people. Because 8-12 weeks is the time when the dog develops the initial level of behavioral awareness, and it is also the time when the dog is formed to understand the environment.

During this period, it is especially necessary to bring the dog to experience the surrounding environment.

What Does Their Physical Appearance Say About Their Health?

Puppies with two small paws are also lacking nutrition. It is generally said that the bigger the paws, the bigger the puppy will grow in the future.

Male dogs are generally bigger than female dogs. Also, check the dog’s body carefully.

If his eyes and ears are very clean, his nose should be very dark, and the smell on the body should not be unpleasant, otherwise, there may be worms.

Take a closer look at the skin and there should be no fleas or the like. The bugs, there should be no scars on the belly, etc.

If you want to choose a dog with a pure breed or to participate in a competition, you have to do more of your homework.

The second point is to pick up the dog you like and touch its sensitive parts, such as the head, ears, mouth, etc. If the dog is very repulsive to your closeness, it will also show great anxiety. Even if they play together for a long time, they still reject you. Then a dog with this personality is not suitable.

Because it is more vigilant and aggressive. If you bring it back to your new home, it will be more difficult to get along, and you may even bite. Generally, it is better to choose the kind of dog that is easy to play with you. Maybe at the beginning, it will be a little scary. This is normal. After all, it has just come into contact with strangers.

Raising a puppy is like raising a baby. You need to get up in the middle of the night to accompany him to the toilet. During the day, you need to take care of him at home. He eats 3-4 meals a day and accompanies him to the toilet every three to four hours.

Puppies are the most in need of care. At this time in their hearts, they are looking for their owners and are eager to be noticed. Therefore, the timing of buying a dog is very important. At least the first week after the purchase, you can stay at home all day long. Always be with you for two months.

Try to buy from a breeder, because they are more experienced and know to avoid some genetic diseases of dogs. Goldendoodle is a breed that may have genetic diseases, due to its differences in breeds of parents.

A good breeder will try to avoid genetic diseases when breeding. Also, they can give you a lot of guidance on feeding and training, and accurately answer all your questions. Also, the dogs they choose will have better personalities and are very suitable for raising writer dogs. If you buy it from an intermediary or your dog, it may be hundreds of dollars cheaper, but the risk is very high.

The blogger had been to his own dog’s house when he was choosing Kingston. He felt that his professionalism was much worse, and he did not provide health protection. Even the dog parents you see may not be real parents.

Provide a health certificate for a puppy, a vaccination certificate, regular prevention of roundworms, and a health guarantee for one to two years. Because many genetic diseases of dogs will not be manifested within a year.

Red Flags When Picking Out A Puppy

According to extensive practical experience, lively and active puppies are more difficult to tame. In the later training process, you will surely be trained to make you doubt life. On the contrary, they are not as tame and obedient as those quiet dogs.

The way to choose a dog with a good personality is to drag him from the abdomen with one hand. If he stays quietly in your hand, then it is a dog with a good personality, and the one who struggles to break free is a little devil.

If the puppies are all rushing towards you, don’t choose the first one. They choose the best one. They are usually confident and not very domineering.

You can also see that when puppies play with each other, they must always bully other dogs. Sometimes it is also a good choice to consult a breeder, they are more familiar with dogs.

  • Observe whether the dog’s mental state is good or not. This is the first criterion for a healthy dog ​​and the most intuitive method of judgment.
  • Check whether the dog’s eyes are clear and bright, whether there is eye dirt around the eyes, and whether there is any foreign body in the eyeball. These will reflect the health of the dog.
  • Check the dog’s ears and mouth for any peculiar smell. If there is a smelly smell, likely, the dog has already suffered from some diseases!

When the puppies are playing together, clap their hands or stomping their feet. It is best not to choose puppies that are panicked. Such puppies are less courageous and may bark very much in the future.

Signs You Have A Good Puppy

Although most dogs will disturb their owners from time to time, some dogs are too annoying and often annoy their owners. Whether they are pushing their noses at you, putting toys on their laps, complaining and barking, or just wandering around aimlessly, a dog that actively seeks full-day attention is likely to not have received enough exercise. dog.


Hi, I'm a big dog lover. Goldendoodle and other similar poodle cross breeds have become my favorite. I've had two of them in my lifetime and thought to share my experience with the rest of the world.

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