How Much Do Goldendoodles Really Cost including Maintaining

When you are looking to buy a new dog, there are so many choices. You can go to a breeder and find a purebred dog or pick up a rescue from the pound.

With over 300 varieties of dogs in the world, you have a smorgasbord to pick from. There are designer breeders that crossbreed dogs to creating desirable traits and looks while preserving the purebred lines.

One of the most popular is the Goldendoodle.

A Goldendoodle is a crossbreed from a Golden Retriever and a standard or miniature Poodle. This intentional breeding started in both America and Australia in the1990s although the breed was first made by Charles Dickens’ granddaughter Monica Dickens in 1969.

It became very popular because of the dog’s intelligence, temperament, and low shedding qualities. The idea was to create an excellent service dog because of the calm demeanor but it quickly became popular as a family companion animal. They are also easily trained as therapy and guide dogs.

Because of their popularity, Goldendoodles can be expensive. Prices do vary from breeders but the average price of a standard size puppy is around $2100. This is for a one-color Golden Doodle. If you want a multi-colored one, the prices go up.

There are smaller dogs that are considered micro, teacup, or toy which sends the cost up between $3000 to $5000. This is because of the difficulty in breeding these traits. Unfortunately for an owner, the toy-sized Golden doodles can have health issues including hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, Von Willebrand’s disease, and progressive retinal atrophy.

High demand for this breed is also what drives the price. Here is a quick breakdown:

Standard – $2,100+

Medium – $2,300+

Miniature – $2,500+

Petite (Micro) – $3,500+

Goldendoodle adoption: $200 – $400.


Goldendoodles or “Groodles” are bred specifically for their small stature. Variants in the size of the pure bred parents can dictate this but there is a big demand for smaller dogs. As it can be harder to successfully produce small dogs through breeding programs, more time is given by breeders to attain the micro puppies. Demand and rarity make these miniature Goldendoodles the most expensive.

Ongoing Costs

Once you purchase a designer breed dog, the costs don’t end there. Here are several more things to consider when owning a Goldendoodle that can affect your wallet.


Goldendoodles need regular visits to the groomer to keep up with their coat. They are hypoallergenic and don’t shed their coat. It keeps growing and without regular cutting, can get tangled and matted.

Bigger dogs are typically more expensive to groom than the smaller ones but both need regular trims. You can do this at home but there is a learning curve. The cost is around $50 – $80 per 8-week visit.

Vet (Annual)

All dogs need to visit the vet at least once a year for a check-up. Starting with a puppy you have to get booster shots and rabies immunization. You should also check for intestinal worms.

The annual check-ups will do a fecal check, blood work, and any outstanding vaccinations. These visits will be around $200. Your vet may sell packages for puppies to cover all shots and exams as well as a few visits.

Monthly Parasite Medication

This is important for preventing heartworms as well as ticks. You can purchase this from your local vet or even Amazon or an online pet pharmacy. Depending on the brand and bulk size, expect to pay $100 – $125 per year.


Some people don’t think about this ongoing cost when buying a pet. Your Goldendoodle needs to eat. You spent a lot of money on this exceptional breed and you will likely want to purchase high-quality food.

Your local pet store or vet carries a wide variety and you can get advice from them. You can also do your own research online to find what is best for your breed. Good food isn’t cheap and if you go for grain-free, it can cost around $400 a year.

These annual costs can really add up and if you get multiple dogs, do the math. One 25lb dog can run you $800+ a year. You need to be prepared for this when buying a high-end dog. Now let’s talk about other costs.

Initial Supplies

There are many essential items you will need when you first buy your Goldendoodle. Make sure and have these ready to go once you bring your new family member home.

  • Dog Crate This is an essential tool for securing your dog. It can be sure for safety, security, and travel and well as house training and discipline. Choose metal construction instead of plastic as it is easier to clean. A 36” crate is a good size for medium dogs and you can use a divider for puppies.
  • Grooming Kit You are going to be doing some grooming at home and you can take on the entire job if you like. At the very least you need a grooming comb and rake as you will be combing your Goldendoodle regularly to avoid tangles. The comb works well for curly hair while wavy hair requires a rake. Other grooming kits supplies include:
  • Thinning shearsClippersScissorsShampooDetanglerHarnessToothbrush
  • Toys Puppies love to play and your Goldendoodle is no different. Start a puppy off with soft toys and as they get older they can graduate to chew ropes. Their sharp teeth can tear up things pretty quickly so keep a variety of toys around and rotate them so they don’t get bored. Also, make sure they are non-toxic.
  • Carpet Cleaner Your excited little puppy will be full of energy and they will make little mistakes. Be prepared with a good carpet cleaner for those accidents. Try not to scold them harshly. Remember that you once wore a diaper before you learned how to use the toilet.
  • ID Tags You have spent a lot of time and money choosing this breed. While they may come home with a microchip, you should also invest in a rugged collar with a tag. This can make quick identification for neighbors and even at the animal shelter.


You may not be able to take your Goldendoodle with you on vacation so you will need to keep it at a kennel. The costs can vary from a standard kennel to a pet resort. Prices may be calculated by the size and weight of your dog and what time of the year you are traveling. You can even get friends and family to take care of them while you are away but make sure to pay them. It’s a big task to take care of a dog.


All dogs can benefit from training, even if it’s just when they are puppies. We all live busy lives and even if you have the time to dedicate towards training, you may not have the skill set. Try a few sessions when you get your puppy. It will help them in the socialization of other dogs as well as teaching manners.

You will also get the knowledge to continue training at home. Do some research and find a training facility that has worked with this breed. You want a place that uses positive reinforcement as this works well with Goldendoodles.


Your Goldendoodle needs regular activity to stay healthy. Keeping them cooped up in your house is not a good option. If you can’t be there during the day you can hire a dog walker or pet sitter. They will keep your dog active so when you get home after a long day, you both can relax after a busy day. On the weekends you can go for a hike and burn those calories together.

Accident Coverage

Be prepared for any accident or injury. You can create your own budget and put aside money each month in case you need it. There are also pet insurance plans you can buy if that makes more sense to you. It’s always better to be prepared if caught off guard.

These amazing dogs start out so cute with their teddy bear looks. Goldendoodles are pretty easy to train and are very intelligent. They are playful but not aggressive and they are really affectionate. They are simply one of the best four-legged companions your family can get.

Understand that you are making an investment in your Goldendoodle and set up, regular checkups and supplies do cost money. Ultimately, most of the cost is for the initial purchase and will be influenced by:

  • Location
    • The reputation of the breeder
    • Size of Goldendoodle
    • Color coat and type
    • Supply and demand

The cost is not a bad thing. You are buying an exceptional breed and you should be willing to pay a high premium. Don’t look for the cheapest dog because you may get exactly what you pay for.

Do your research and be confident you are buying a top-quality, healthy animal from a well-respected breeder. The joy this new Goldendoodle will give you and your family is worth the price. They say money can’t buy you happiness but a solid investment in a loving pet will certainly get close.


Hi, I'm a big dog lover. Goldendoodle and other similar poodle cross breeds have become my favorite. I've had two of them in my lifetime and thought to share my experience with the rest of the world.

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