Blue Merle Goldendoodle

Dogs make the best companions you could ask for. Those who’ve been blessed enough to have one in the past will know this well.

No two are ever the same, but there are certain traits that you can expect from different breeds. Some will need more care, some will need more training, and some just need more attention in general.

What you look for in your new pet will depend a lot on your own lifestyle and workload, and you must do your research before choosing your new friend.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Blue Merle Goldendoodle. Is this the breed for you? Read on to find out!

What is a Blue Merle Goldendoodle?

A Goldendoodle is a blanket name given to a poodle and golden retriever crossbreed. Blue Merles are a little different, though.

The ‘merle’ in the name refers to the patterning you see in the coat. It’s almost like a marbling effect of colors. In this case, it’s grey and silver, which to our eye can appear blue against their black fur.

The patterning comes from a dominant gene, which will often suppress some of the solid color of the other parent. To breed a Blue Merle you should have one merle parent, and either a poodle or a regular Goldendoodle.

You’ll see this lovely effect in the coats of Goldendoodles when something like a border collie or an Australian shepherd is thrown into the mix.

This actually makes the Goldendoodle name rather misleading as there doesn’t have to be a retriever involved at all. While the name may be a bit confusing, there’s certainly no denying how cute they are!

It’s also possible for a merle-patterned pup to come from the breeding of two Goldendoodles. This is rare, however.

How Different is a Blue Merle Goldendoodle?

If you’ve ever had Goldendoodles before, then you’ll already know what type of dogs they are. They’re loving, loyal, and intelligent pets, courtesy of their poodle and golden retriever parents.

The high likelihood of a Blue Merle ‘Goldendoodle’ having something like Australian shepherd in the mix may make for a different personality, though. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just depends on what you’re looking for in a companion.

There are a lot of traits that the two types share. They’re both smart, loving, and active, and both kinds make for fantastic companions. If they’re part Australian shepherd, though, their personality may be more intense.

This means they’re going to need even more attention and exercise to get all of their energy out. This probably isn’t much of a surprise, given that Australian shepherds are herding dogs and hard workers.

You can also expect a more intense personality if your Goldendoodle has any border collie in them. This is again at least partially thanks to their herding nature. They may be even more intelligent than your average Goldendoodle, and they’re also more likely to be territorial than them too.

There is, of course, a poodle parent no matter what. This is a factor that is not going to change. Poodles are hypoallergenic, and this will be passed on (at least partially) to any offspring.

This makes Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles, or anything else that comes from a poodle a pretty good choice for people who suffer from allergies. This is one of the things that makes them so appealing to people. That, and how insanely cute they are.

As with other Goldendoodles, you can also expect the size to vary. The best way to gauge how big yours will be is to know the size of the parents. If it’s a larger poodle, for example, then the Goldendoodle is obviously likely to be larger as well.

How to Properly Care for Your Blue Merle Goldendoodle

One of the things that people like about ‘doodles’ in general is their coats, and it isn’t just down to the fact that they better for those with allergies. They also happen to be beautiful. This beauty comes at a price, however.

When it comes to grooming, Blue Merle Goldendoodles are sometimes a little easier to handle than those that just have golden retriever and poodle in them, but their coats will still need a fair amount of care.

They’ll need brushing often and may need a visit to the groomers every 3 months or so. This care can make them a more time-consuming breed, especially when their high energy levels and extra playtime is also factored in. You should also be sure to keep their ears clean.

All dogs should be fed good diets of high-quality food, but the coats of these stunning dogs may call for a little extra something to keep them healthy. If you want their fur to keep shining and stay nice and soft, get them plenty of omega fatty acids.

Fish such as sardines are a very good source of this. Making sure they get good food will also help prevent health issues and keep them in your life far longer.

Keeping them active is a very important part of their care. A dog’s physical health is not the only thing that can suffer. This breed will not do well if it only gets one short walk a day, minimal playtime, and is left alone for extended periods.

Stop them from going crazy by making sure you entertain them properly and tire them out regularly. If you don’t think you can provide this, then it’s best to consider a low-energy breed, or perhaps a cat.

Blue Merle Goldendoodle Behaviour

As we’ve said, Blue Merle Goldendoodles can be a little different from their cousins. They’re still wonderful and affectionate pets, though. They may be high in energy and require a lot of attention, but many people like to have those traits in their dog. It’s a great excuse to get us out and exercising if nothing else!

You should find that they’re pretty easy to train, mostly thanks to their intelligence and their parents’ nature as working dogs. If they are properly treated and taught correctly they are unlikely to bite, which is always a big plus. They also have a relatively low prey drive.

Blue Merle Goldendoodles are considered social dogs. You should make sure they get to play with other dogs by meeting up with friends who also love doggos, or taking them to dog parks where they can run around off-leash and make new pals.

Always be sure they’re fully vaccinated before you do this, though. You don’t want them catching anything other than the ball!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Blue Merle Goldendoodle

Are Blue Merle Goldendoodles good around kids?

Yes, they are considered to be a child-friendly breed. It should be stressed again, though, that dogs have to be taught and treated correctly. Just because this breed is considered to be tame, does not mean they definitely are.

Every dog is different, even if they are of the same type, and parents should never leave their small children alone with them.

Do Blue Merle Goldendoodles bark a lot?

No, Blue Merle Goldendoodles are not considered to be particularly vocal dogs. They don’t bark a lot like other breeds. That’s not to say you won’t get an earful if you don’t play with them or take them on that walk, though!

Are Blue Merle Goldendoodles expensive dogs?

They are relatively expensive, but the price will differ depending on where you’re getting them from. As always, try and go for a rescue dog if you can, but Blue Merle Goldendoodles are quite rare.

If your heart is set on this breed, they may be hard to find without a breeder. Always make sure the breeder uses good practice, especially in this case. Certain merle genetic combinations can cause major problems.

Are there any health problems to worry about?

Unfortunately, there are. Because of the dominance of the merle gene, two merle dogs should not be bred together. The double merle can make them deformed, or lead to them being blind or deaf.

This is why a merle-patterned dog must be bred with a poodle or a regular Goldendoodle, and not another dog similar to itself.

Will a Blue Merle Goldendoodle be okay with my cat?

They are not considered to be good dogs for houses with cats, unlike normal Goldendoodles. They’re worse for this than the average dog, but that’s not to say they won’t get on if they’re raised together from a young age.


So, will a Blue Merle Goldendoodle make a good pet for you? If you’re looking for something smart, high energy, and beautiful to boot, then it’s definitely one to consider! You just need to make sure you’re going to be able to spend a lot of time with them, take them on a lot of walks, and keep their minds stimulated.

They won’t be the right choice for someone who has to work all the time and is burned out when they get home, so be sure to have a good, long think before you make any commitments!


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